Summer 2021 Nail Trends 

The summer of 2021 is different from any other summer because of the last year we’ve been through. It’s time to go all out, live our freedom and enjoy ourselves as it’s the least we deserve! Treat yourself to a new wardrobe, seeing your friends and family again, and don’t forget about your nails too. 

Looking for some summer 2021 inspiration for your next manicure? Here are the top trends to look out for this season. 

Inspiration for Your Summer 2021 Nails 

Versatile French Manicures 

Although the classic French tip might be a bit of a throwback, they have made their way to the forefront of this season’s trends. The traditional white tip will always be timeless, but for 2021 why not mix it up and choose multicolour tips to brighten up your manicure? These add the right pop of colour without clashing with your summer outfits, it’s perfect! Or you could experiment with ombre French tips instead for a modern twist. 

Abstract Floating Lines 

Think of a beautiful stain glass design and imagine this transformed into a manicure. One of the biggest nail trends for summer 2021 are floating or free-form lines drawn onto clear or nude nails. The designs do not have to be uniform, the colours do not have to be the same, you can have complete freedom with this look. Whether you choose neons or metallics, swirls or straight lines, we guarantee this is a trend to stay. 

Bold, Bright and Beautiful Colours 

What would summer be without a bright colour palette? As previously mentioned in our Nail Colour Shades Throughout the Seasons blog article, the colours you should choose for summer are vibrant just like the summer sky. Make a statement with neon brights or a rainbow manicure, and don’t hold back on the boldness of your manicure! 

Summer 2021 Manicures with Hollywood Nails Supply 

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