New Nail Trends for 2021

At Hollywood Nails, we love to keep up with all the trends, especially nail ones! It’s a new year, we’ve finally said goodbye to 2020, and what better way to celebrate than with some fresh nail trends.

With lockdown still in full swing, the trends we’ve chosen are suitable for DIY at-home manicures but, of course, they can be saved for you to take into the nail salon when they reopen. We can’t wait!

5 Nail Trends to Look Out For

The Power of Pastels

This year, it is all about the pastels. No matter what season, pastels are winning because they are so versatile. If you’re not the biggest fan of bold, bright manicures then pastels are the perfect way to introduce colour without being too loud. The specific colours to look out for are lilac and mint but, if you can’t decide, why not try out a pastel rainbow or go for the gradient? Mix it up and have some fun!

Dreamy, Glittery Velvet

Another trend that is a subtle take on a commonly bold choice is velvet, metallic nails. Glitter will always be a staple for manicures, but for 2021, we are seeing more of an iridescent finish where the glitter and changing colour delicately catches your eye. The combination of glitter and metallic shades create a textured look that resembles velvet, and we believe it is truly luxurious. One of our favourite picks for this trend is Metallica Plum from DND.

The New Nudes

One colour that made a popular appearance at the end of 2020 and is continuing through to 2021 is chocolate brown. Being coined as the new nudes, shades of brown have proven to be flattering on any skin tone and look great with any nail length and shape. Whether you choose a Turf Tan, Light Mahogany, Tiramisu Slice or Russet Tan manicure, we guarantee it will look indulgent and delicious!

Creative Negative Space

It’s safe to say, these lockdowns have allowed us to get in tune with our creativity and imagination, especially when it comes to DIY manicures. One of the most practical trends that has come into play is the negative space nail art trend. Not only does it look fun and unique, but it also disguises any grow-out that occurs between nail salon visits. All you have to do is apply directly to your nails and create your desired pattern, leaving negative space near your nail bed. Then, paint your base coats and colour coats and remove the tape once dry – voila!

Let’s Throw It Back

Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia? Carrying on through from the negative space trend above, there has also been a surge in retro patterns and designs. 2020 encouraged people to express themselves, not hold back and just let loose! The 60’s and 70’s saw vibrant colour combinations, swirls and waves, along with abstract patterns and these are all great ways for people to have fun whilst living through a pandemic. Grab yourself a nail art brush and use your nail like a canvas to truly express yourself!

Trusted Nail Supplier for 2021

Hollywood Nails Supply can be your trusted nail supplier for 2021, always keeping up to date with trends and the latest products, so you can rely on us. What are you waiting for? Get stocked up on all your supplies for these 2021 nail trends today!