Christmas Nail Art Ideas for 2020

It’s December, which means one thing – Christmas! After a rollercoaster of a year, there’s no better time to bring some joy and festivities in your life. Go over the top and have some festive fun with some creative Christmas nail art ideas from Hollywood Nails Supply.

2020 Christmas Nail Designs

Candy Cane Lane

What’s more Christmassy than candy canes that only make an appearance this time of year? Stick with the classic red and white horizontal stripes, go abstract with swirling lines or add a bit of glitter and sparkle to your design. Whatever you decide, make sure to use one of our precision nail brushes to help you draw.

Tonal Reds with Snowflakes

Similar to the tonal rainbow mentioned in our Autumn Trends blog, when you reach for the classic festive red shade, pick 5 different shades instead of just 1. That way, you don’t have to make any decisions about which one to choose! Our top picks for your shades of red manicure are Valentine Red, Thai Chilli Red, Fire Engine, Lady in Red and Red Stone.

Sparkly Ombré Tips

Adding glitter to any manicure is a sure-fire way to glamourize your nails. Whether it’s gold or silver, maybe even another metallic shade or holographic, you can go all out this time of year. By creating an ombre effect with glitter, starting from the tips of your nails, not only will you make your nails look lovely and long but you will also add tonnes of glitz for Christmas. Why not add some sparkly gems too?

Subtle Starry Night

Using a neutral nude as your base coat opens you up to a whole number of possibilities for festive nail art. This canvas is the perfect foundation for your astrological designs that are ideal for the winter season. Gold star outlines, subtle glitter, tiny snowflakes or half moons, you can add anything to your manicure and let your creativity take the lead.

Wrapping Your Nails Up

If you love wrapping Christmas presents, why not wrap your nails too? Add some wrapping paper accents with some stripes, plaid patterns and the classic Christmas shades. Top off with a big red bow and you’ve got some cute presents right at your fingertips! Or, get more literal with the theme and use some of our nail art foil wraps to make your nails shine and shimmer.

Multi-Statement Christmas Nails

Can’t choose just one of our Christmas nail art ideas? Try out a different design on each nail then for the ultimate Christmas manicure. Whatever you decide, make sure you come to Hollywood Nails Supply for all of your nail art products and other nail supplies. We’ve got everything you need right here!