Autumn / Winter Nail Trends 2020

Heading into the depths of Autumn and with Winter following not long after, it’s time to start experimenting with all of the different nail trends.

Of course, we have our failsafe Autumn and Winter nail colours in a previous blog article, but here are some specific styles that are proving to be popular this year. Make sure to book these manicures in over the next few months!

Nail Trends for the End of 2020

Matte Top Coat

What a throwback, the matte top coat is back for 2020! Take a nostalgic trip back in time this Autumn with the perfect soft focus finish for any nail colour. At Hollywood Nails, we have both nail polish and gel polish matte top coats so you can create this at home yourself or the salons can stock up for this high in demand trend.

Tonal Rainbows

Can’t decide on one colour? Why not create a hand rainbow this season instead? Instead of an actual rainbow though, opt for a more autumnal tonal one. This includes a variety of nudes and cool-toned rustic shades, so you can create the ideal gradient.

Get Artistic & Abstract

Now is the time to get artistic and let your imagination run wild. There’s no set template for Autumn and Winter, your nail is your canvas, so mix together as many prints as you want! Leave polka dots in the Spring and Summer and use lines to produce colour waves and minimalist design – Use some of our nail brushes to help!

Match Your Nails to Your Mask

What’s more fashionable that coordinating your nails with your outfit? With masks being a vital part of our wardrobe now, there’s no doubt that you are making a fashion statement with those too! So, make sure your nails are matching your mask as well to complete your chic look.

Tortoise Shell

We have seen this trend grow and grow over the last month or so and we just love it! 2020 has been completely embracing the animal print and we adore the tortoise shell print for nails, whether it’s completely covered or just the tips. It should definitely be your next manicure request!

French Tips

Speaking of tips, another throwback this season are French-tip manicures. This timeless trend is reappearing and with good reason, it is sophisticated, neutral and elegant. Pair it with an almond shape for a classic look or go for multi-coloured tips and a matte top coat to bring it into 2020 properly. We have a French Manicure brush to help!

Chromatic or Winter White

The top colours of choice for Autumn and Winter in 2020, in addition to nudes, are clean and crisp white and shimmery, chromatic shades. From gold to silver, rose gold to icy platinum, as long as it is metallic, you will be right on trend.

All Year-Round Nail Supplies

Now you’re up to date with the trends, what are you waiting for? Get booked into your salon or shop our website to find all the colours and tools you need to recreate these looks!