About Us

At Hollywood Nails Supply, we believe that our nails are just as important as any other aspect of our bodies. Therefore, we stock a range products that deal with various aspects of nails whether it be treatment, manicures, pedicures, nail polishes and many more.

“Just like you, your nails also have needs!”

We live by this, as do our valued customers as too often, we neglect the care of our nails. However, we’re sure we have nail products to suit your nail’s needs, which are honestly priced and effective on just about any type of nail!

Knowing our customers is the primary goal of Hollywood Nail Supply, as we aim to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Our nail products are of the highest quality, reliable and we offer the most competitive prices for nail products in the UK. The overwhelming positive feedback that we’ve received from our incredible customers is the primary reason we had a desire to develop our brand and therefore, expand across all online platforms. Check out our website, as well as Facebook & Instagram, to find new products, advice from our experts and browse our already huge range of products.

When we began trading as Hollywood Nails Supply, we had a vision to launch a store which stocked a variety of nail products that were both effective yet affordable, which would fill a gap in the UK nail market. Subsequently, after many years of being initially trained as nail technicians, we worked with a number of factories, stockists and nail technicians to create Hollywood Nails Supply in 1998. We were originally located in New Cross, South London however, we decided to position ourselves in Peckham, South-East London which would allow for expansion on the previous store. Find us here.

Demand for products sold by Hollywood Nails Supply represents the growing interest in the UK for professional nail procedures. As Hollywood Nails Supply expanded, the store was able to introduce itself to new and different customers in prominent beauty shows and exhibitions such as Olympia Beauty and Professional Beauty.

In this ever-evolving world, nothing stays the same and thus, we too have to constantly research keep up with the progression of nails and improve our range of stocks. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to our amazing customers that we continually offer them the newest range of quality products that are strictly available internationally. Our customers are at the heart of our brand and as a result, we aim to always provide integrity, proficient and friendly customer service. We relentlessly strive to maintain the high standards that we are renowned for and will continue to be one of the most prominent nail product suppliers for UK nails salons.