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The Best Nail Trends for Spring 2022

As we approach the summer months, manicures, like our clothes, are in desperate need of a makeover. Winter was about forest greens, festive orange, and somber blues; nail trends for spring 2022 are likely to be more playful and creative. Expect more extravagant and bolder acrylic manicures in spring to remain. Continue reading to discover […]

How to Strengthen Weak Nails

The hands of a person that has taken care to avoid having weak nails

Every day, we expose ourselves to situations that can damage and weaken our nails. Even tasks as simple as washing up or using cleaning products in our household chores can compromise the strength of our nails. Lucky for us, there are some steps we can take to strengthen weak fingernails. Read on for some tips on how to look after […]

Complete Guide to Cuticle Care

A nail technician applying cuticle oil onto a client's nails

Cuticle care is a vital aspect of any nail service and not looking after them properly can leave nails less protected against trauma, more likely to lift (for gel and acrylic enhancements) and increase the risk of nail infection. In this guide, we explain what a cuticle is before running through the importance of proper […]