Top Wedding Nail Trends of 2022

When choosing nail colours for a wedding, whilst many people still opt for classic styles and colours such as French Manicures or simple nude nails. However, due social media, the range of options has expanded to include intricate patterns, bold designs, and bright colours. This can make it hard to know what to choose to really express yourself.

If you’re due to be married, you might be wondering “what colour nails should I choose for my wedding?” You won’t be the first bride nor the last to ask yourself this. Stereotypically there will be a lot of hand closeups on the day as you’ll want to show off your ring or include beautiful shots of the bouquet therefore, you’ll want to make sure your nails are in top condition and choose a style that suits you and the theme of your wedding.

Take a look at what we think are the top wedding nail trends of 2022.

Top Wedding Nail Trends 2022

White Wedding

When it comes to nail designs for a wedding guest, the golden rule is to avoid wearing white (unless you are the bride-to-be). However, nails may be the exception to the rule. Glossy or matte, white nails also provide the perfect canvas to add a little decorative flair, and they’re also just one of the many wedding nail trends 2022 to choose from.

Contemporary Classics

For a design that strikes a balance between classic and contemporary, opt for nails that put a twist on old favourites. This year, almond and stiletto shaped nails provide a dramatic backdrop for the classic French manicure, resulting in a look that is equal parts elegant and elevated. For those without longer nails, ask your manicurist about adding some wedding acrylic nails in a shape of your choice.

Bold Colour

If you’re a bride in search of “something blue”, and you’re wondering “what nails should I do for my wedding?” the answer could be right at your fingertips. For a more subtle look, sheer or ombre nails can add a  pop of understated colour to accent your outfit.

Blooming Marvellous

Flowers play a huge part in the overall aesthetic of weddings, and you can even incorporate them into your look.  Intricate, hand painted designs are always a popular choice, or if you want a hyper realistic look, pressed flower gel manicures are simply stunning and look beautiful with metallic accents.

Sparkle and Shine

If you consider yourself something of a magpie, you’ll fall in love with this year’s shimmery wedding nail designs. For 2022, nails sparkle with minimal accent details using foil, glitter, or ultra-shiny metallic polishes. Other decorative options include delicate pearls or rhinestones placed on the lunula (the half moon shape just above your cuticles).

Fine Detail

For lovers of ornate nail designs, look no further than 2022’s designs intended to echo the look of fine, antique lace on your hands. For brides, you can add a personal touch through incorporating subtle lettering into your manicure, such as bride and groom initials on a single finger.

Get Your Nails Wedding-Ready

Whatever your style, the key to the perfect wedding day manicure is to find something in keeping with the overall look and theme of the wedding. The best time to get your nails done before a big event is one to two days before the day, so they’re less likely to chip. As with every other aspect of your look, it’s also a good idea to peruse different shapes, designs and colours ahead of the event so that you’re happy with your choice. For more ideas and inspiration, shop our nail collection.

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