Microstop Protect – 100pc Sterilizer pouches

£13.00 inc. Vat

Micro Stop Sterilization Bags for Pupinel with Indicator

Each set includes 100 sterilized bags and 100 self-adhesive sterilization indicators, Class 4.

Bag Size: 100×200 mm


Made from white kraft paper resistant to hot air sterilization (pupinel).
Each bag includes a designated area on the outside for applying the sterilization indicator included in the set.
After sterilization, the indicator changes color, confirming the sterilization of utensils.
The indicator can be peeled off from the bag and placed in the Sterilization Register.
Suitable for sterilization using hot air, ideal for nursery settings.
Includes sterilization certificates for each individual bag (100 pcs).
Self-sealing bags ensure convenience and reliability.
Utensils remain sterile within the bags for up to 50 days.
These bags are designed to maintain sterility effectively and provide ease of use in sterilization processes.

Compatible with most other Dry Heat Sterilizers.

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