Gelish Forever Marilyn – Duo Pack – Classic Red Lips

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Gel polish and matching Morgan Taylor varnish

Gelish and Morgan Taylor are proud to introduce a second, and equally fabulous, Marilyn Monroe inspired collection, Forever Marilyn, for the Fall of 2019. With the success of the first collection, Gelish and Morgan Taylor are releasing six NEW elegant and excitingshades reminiscent of Marilyn?s classic Hollywood beauty and effortless glamour.

While Marilyn Monroe will always be known for her ultra-sultry glamorous side, the six shades of this collection focus in on the natural beauty and charisma that she always exuded. From All American Beauty, a soft sheer nude, to That?s So Monroe, a cool brown shimmer, and Some Girls Prefer Pearls, a pearly white shimmer, to Classic Red Lips, a bright tomato red cre?me; these gorgeous shades embody the elegance of the star that is Marilyn Monroe.

?There is no fashion or beauty icon that is more well-known than Marilyn Monroe,? says Danny Haile, CEO and Founder of Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish. ?We are thrilled that we have the opportunity to release a brand new collection with six shades all inspired by Marilyn. Her timeless glamour and unapologetic attitude fit well with the energy of Gelish and Morgan Taylor.?

Channel your inner icon with these six NEW shades:

  • Some Girls Prefer Pearls ? White Shimmer
  • All American Beauty ? Sheer Soft Nude
  • A Girl And Her Curls ? Eggplant Shimmer
  • That?s So Monroe ? Cool Brown Shimmer
  • Flirty And Fabulous ? Teal Creme
  • Classic Red Lips ? Tomato Red Creme

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