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Gelish Champagne & Moonbeams 12PC Collection

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Includes Display Stand and Colour Chart

Introducing the Gelish Holiday/Winter 2019 collection Champagne & Moonbeams. The collection takes the glitz and glam of the Holiday season and balances it against subdued neutrals in stunning hues of pink, nude and mauve. Champagne & Moonbeams has the perfect range of colors for anyone looking for an ultra-luxe, sophisticated Holiday manicure.

  • Let There Be Moonlight ? Soft Gray Cr?me
  • Sprinkle Of Twinkle ? Silver Glitter
  • A Starry Sight ? Indigo Pearl
  • Walking On Stardust ? Red Glitter
  • See You In My Dreams ? Red Cr?me
  • From Dusk Til Dawn ? Mauve Cr?me
  • Dancing & Romancing ? Soft Pink Cr?me
  • Copper Dream ? Copper Metallic
  • Gilded In Gold ? Gold Metallic
  • Shooting Star ? Chocolate Pearl
  • A Kiss In The Dark ? Black Purple Cr?me
  • Tell Her She?s Stellar ? Nude Cr?me

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