CND ScrubFresh – 222ml

£12.50 inc. Vat

Prepare your clients nails for enhancements with CND™ ScrubFresh, a high-quality, effective cleanser that decontaminates the nail plate prior to nail services to ensure a perfected, long-lasting finish. This one-step nail prep product improves adhesion, as well as cleaning and refreshing the nails without the need to rinse, ensuring flawless application of polishes, gel polishes, gel powders and other enhancements. As well as encouraging a gorgeous finished nail look, the innovative ScrubFresh also promotes durability, allowing your client to enjoy their nail look for as long as possible. Update any nail service with this fabulous nail cleansing product and ensure you start off every manicure the best possible way.

  • The perfect one-step nail prep product
  • Cleanses and refreshes the nail prior to enhancements
  • Ensures flawless application of polishes, gel polishes and other enhancements
  • Improves nail adhesion
  • Promotes durability, ensuring a long-lasting nail finish
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