Built-In ULKA X2F Premium Nail Dust Vacuum Collector

£275.00 inc. Vat

Super powerful, golden standard for nail dust suction, vacuuming and collecting, ULKA X2F Premium can do it all! It is the best European dust vacuum on the market today (this version is 110V with US plug – no transformer needed).

This Built-In version of ULKA X2F Premium is one of the best nail dust collectors, ideal choice for price+quality+suction purchase. It is a universal choice for both experienced nail masters and beginners. Built-in low profile design gets the job done and is fairly easy to install for even a novice!

Requires installation (all instructions are provided) with a cut-out of a rectangular hole in the desk. No pipes, no hoses, and no mess – just super suction, high productivity, long life, and low noise level.

Technical specifications:

  • Power -56 watts at 3100 RPMs,
  • Has TWO modes: Low and High
  • Capacity – 700 cubic m;
  • Size – 26.5*24.5*11 cm;
  • Noise Level: 40 dB (Low) and 52 dB (High)
  • Device body is made of shockproof plastic.
  • Dust collector has special built-in profile and is not suitable as a desktop version.
  • Manicure dust collector has industrial dust-proofed centrifugal air fan.
  • Working lifespan of the fan– 50 000 hours; it is almost 6 years of continuous work
  • Comes with HEPA filer installed, a mask, and a manual. Filter requires daily cleaning after 2-3 uses (gently clean it with a dry brush over the trash can). Hand-wash it with soap and air-dry it every week, and replace in 2-3 months. 
  • It is highly-productive device, it will suit for all manicurists of all styles. Air fan has rubber seal which blocks dust in the bag.

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