Break Down Callus Remover 250ml

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Breakdown Callus 250ml

  • Leaves skin silky smooth.
  • Works in 1 to 3 Minutes.

To use:
Wear gloves and protective eyewear, test on skin before using. Put small amount of solution onto the applicator bowl, use brush to apply onto the callus area after feet have been soaked. Let solution penetrate for 3 minutes. Use sanitize foot file to remove calluses. Clean with warm water and soap. Apply foot lotion after complete.
Professional use only.

Use as directed. Do not leave solution on feet more than 3 minutes. Do not use on split or broken skin. If redness appears, stop use immediately. Wash with water and soap. Do not apply solution on the non-calluses areas. If solution is in eyes, flush with water and seek medical attention.

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