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Nail Tools

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Nail Tools

All the nail tools professional technicians need can be found here at Hollywood Nails Supply. We stock a wide range of manicure tools and pedicure equipment from the most trusted and reliable brands, so you can count on us.

Whether you work in a salon or as an independent mobile beauty technician, we have every essential you need to deliver the best, most luxurious treatments to your clients.

Manicure Tools

Give your clients a high-quality manicure using high-quality manicure tools from our collection. From preparing the nails, to decorating the nails, to removing the nails, at every stage make sure your client feels relaxed and content.

With dependable branded tools in your nail kit, you can guarantee this! Buffers, clippers, cuticle nippers and pushers are just some of the fundamental manicure tools and accessories we supply. Provide an indulgent experience resulting in the nails of their dreams for every customer, every time.

Pedicure Equipment

Feet fit for a king or a queen, you can make your customers feel like royalty with our range of pedicure equipment. No more flaky, dry skin and long, out of shape toenails, our premium variety of nail tools can help transform feet whilst providing a lavish salon experience.

Corn cutters, foot files and disposable pumices can prep your clients feet so they are as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Also, make sure their feet are well looked after during and after treatments with disposable foam slippers – They feel like you’re walking on air!

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We weren’t lying when we said we had it all, we even have all your PPE needs so you can ensure your salon is in tip-top shape. Keeping your hands clean with sanitiser gel and latex gloves, plus keeping your tools safe with steriliser tool bags.

Take a look around and shop nail tools from Hollywood Nails Supply today.