How to Strengthen Weak Nails

Every day, we expose ourselves to situations that can damage and weaken our nails. Even tasks as simple as washing up or using cleaning products in our household chores can compromise the strength of our nails. Lucky for us, there are some steps we can take to strengthen weak fingernails. Read on for some tips on how to look after brittle fingernails that need a little bit of TLC. 

Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Water 

If you’re trying to strengthen weak nails, it’s a good idea to avoid soaking your nails in water for prolonged periods. This means using rubber gloves when you wash up and not leaving your hands soaking in bath or pool water for extended periods – if possible, try to leave your nails outside of the tub when bathing. 

Our nail beds expand and change shape when absorbing water and then contract as the water evaporates, which is what causes that familiar flimsy, fragile feeling we’ve all had when our nails have been overhydrated. 

Use a Nail Strengthener 

Using a nail strengthener can be the best treatment for weak nails, acting as a protective barrier against any threats to nail strength (including overexposure to water) whilst supporting healthy growth with specially selected ingredients. 

We recommend using OPI Nail Envy, it’s specially formulated with hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium to encourage strength and growth.  

Keep Cuticles Healthy 

Cuticle oils and moisturisers should be an integral part of any nailcare regime. Healthy cuticles help to protect your nails against trauma, limiting the damage caused by harsh chemicals, prolonged exposure to water or any other situations that can cause nails to weaken. 

Learn more about how to look after your cuticles with our complete guide to cuticle care

Wear Gloves When Cleaning 

Household cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can damage our nails as well as the skin on our hands. Make sure you wear gloves whenever you carry out household chores to protect yourself from chemicals that weaken and strip the natural hydration from your nails and skin. 

Eat a Healthy Diet 

Vitamin or mineral deficiencies can cause nails to weaken or become brittle. Eating a balanced, healthy diet alongside drinking the recommended amount of water each day will help to improve the strength and shininess of your nails. 

If your diet is lacking in any vitamins or minerals, you could consider adding supplements to your daily routine. 

Nail Strengthening Products from Hollywood Nails Supply 

Hollywood Nails Supply stocks a wide range of nail treatment and repair kits to fix weak or brittle nails, as well as everything you need to maintain healthy, strong nails – from cuticle oils and softeners to protective gloves

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