A Guide to Using PPE in Your Salon

Wearing PPE isn’t unfamiliar to a salon, however, the global pandemic has introduced increased and stricter measures. As COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, it’s vital that transmission is reduced as much as it can.

This can be achieved by not only purchasing the essential PPE, but by recognising how to put it on, wear it correctly and take it off. Here is a guide on how to use PPE in your salon, so you are fully prepared for reopening.

Essential Guidance for PPE Use in Your Salon

What PPE Do You Need in Your Salon?

You will already recognise some of these examples of PPE you should have and use in your salon, but it is always good to have a list to refer back to. The main types of PPE you will need are:

Disposable Face Masks

With face masks being mandatory for all public places, there is no doubt that you need to purchase some for your salon. In addition to the social distancing measures, masks should also be worn at all times, so you can ensure you are completely protected and so are your clients. Disposable face masks are a great idea, so you have some on hand in case your client forgets to bring one with them.

Reusable Face Masks

Another option for your salon staff is reusable face masks that can be washed after every use and reused again. A much more sustainable choice to disposable ones that are just as breathable, effective and even more comfortable.

Plastic Face Shields

Clear plastic face shields, also known as visors, are an official requirement for salons. This is because beauty treatments require closer proximity than 2 metres and this PPE provides an efficient barrier. Worn in addition to face masks, you can guarantee that you and your clients will be protected.

Disposable Gloves

Although a common guideline for salons before the pandemic, wearing disposable gloves are a good way to minimise transmission and give your clients reassurance. Remember to still wash your hands and avoid touching your face, even while wearing gloves, so you can stop the spread.

Disposable Salon Cape

Disposable salon capes are useful for both salon staff and clients, and have been advised by the government. Even if you wash your uniform after every use, these are a great way to minimise any risk for both parties.

Hand Sanitiser

Not a piece of equipment per say, but probably the most important item out of them all. Hand sanitiser has become a staple everywhere, so it’s no doubt that it is required in salons too. Washing your hands is essential to stop the spread of the virus, so having plenty of hand sanitiser available in your salons is crucial.

How to Use PPE in Your Salon

PPE can only be effective if it is being used properly and in-line with full hygiene and social distancing measures. Even while wearing and using all the PPE listed above, you should still:

  • Keep 2 metres apart from colleagues and clients, wherever possible
  • Wash hands regularly with soap and water
  • Stay at home if you show any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Ensure all tools and equipment are sterilised before use
  • Keep all surfaces clean and tidy
  • Dispose of any single-use items as soon as they are finished with

The government has actually provided some advice on how to put on and take off your PPE safely. However, first and foremost, always wash your hands before putting on or taking off your PPE.

How to Put On PPE in Your Salon

  1. Put your face mask on first, making sure it covers the bridge of your nose down to the bottom of your chin. Make sure it is the right fit for you, you shouldn’t have to fiddle with it, it should be able to stay on comfortably for long periods of time.
  2. Next, your face shield should be put on after being sanitised and disinfected (this should also be done after every client). It should cover your entire face down to your chin and should feel comfortable as not to readjust regularly.
  3. Lastly, put on your gloves. Always wash your hands before putting them on, including between glove changes, and make sure they are a tight enough fit to not compromise protection.

How to Take Off PPE in Your Salon

  1. Remove your gloves first and wash your hands immediately after.
  2. Then, remove your face shield by pulling it upwards and away from your head. Remember to avoid touching the front of the visor.
  3. Next, remove your face mask and either dispose of it or wash it ready for reuse. Remember to avoid touching the front of the face mask.
  4. Finally, thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

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