A Guide to Improve & Maintain Salon Hygiene

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Salon hygiene has always been important, but recent events have put even more pressure on performing strict cleaning practices. Keeping your workplace clean will make sure your client has the best experience whilst minimising harmful germs and bacteria.

If you want to be confident that your salon environment is the cleanest it can be ready for reopening, here is a guide to make sure everything is completely hygienic and sanitary for your clients.

How to Keep Your Salon Clean

Daily Salon Hygiene Routine

By creating a regular cleaning schedule, you can stay on top of your hygiene and ensure that all areas are necessarily sterile. Tasks to include in your schedule are:

Wiping Down with Disinfectant

Furniture, all surfaces, large equipment, door handles and anywhere else clients may come into contact with should be wiped down multiple times every day. The floor should be included in this and employees should be responsible for their own stations during the day.

Cleaning Bathroom Areas

Keeping your customer toilets clean is a no-brainer; this area should also be cleaned multiple times during the day, whilst making sure all products are topped up and the atmosphere is as luxurious as possible.

Wash Towels Every Day

One towel per client is all you need – Never re-use unwashed towels because this increases the risk of transmission of germs between clients. Always wash them at a high temperature so you know the germs are dead.

Sterilisation of Tools

Prevent client cross contamination by sterilising your tools between each treatment. Use a steriliser like the Enbio S for your metal instruments and warm water with soap for your bowls and dishes. Once clean, make sure they dry in a clean container or UV cabinet.

Use Disposable Products

Although most tools are metal and reusable, there are certain instruments that are better as disposable, so you don’t risk using it twice. This includes mascara wands, waxing spatulas, tanning knickers and paper slippers. Always make sure these are disposed of safely and immediately after use.

Hand Sanitiser & Soap

Now more than ever, hand sanitiser and soap should be used and available at all times – Even for your clients. Wash hands before and after every treatment in warm water and soap for 20 seconds. If employees stay on top of their personal hygiene, you will guarantee optimum cleanliness throughout your salon.

Gloves, Face Masks & Shields

PPE is just as important in salons as it is in everyday life at the moment, so make sure you stock up on essentials such as face masks, latex gloves and face shields. They will offer protection against infection for both employees and clients.

Salon Hygiene Essentials from Hollywood Nails Supply

Salon hygiene is important for every individual; not only do you need to keep clients safe and protected, but you need to make sure they have the best salon experience they can. By coming to Hollywood Nails Supply, you have access to all of the essentials you need to keep your salon clean and hygienic.

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