NEW IN – DCH Acrylic Powder – Ombre bliss!

Taking the USA by storm at the moment is the DCH Acrylic Blending System, an acrylic powder perfect for dipping and ombre effect nails.

We are proud to be the only official supplier for DCH Acrylic Powders in the UK and licensed to supply the entire EU.

Developed by Danny Huynh, a renown nail artist who has perfected his craft and now spends his time touring the USA doing workshop classes and seminars on his nail artistry.

Starting in early 2016, Danny Huynh has developed a one-of-a-kind powder system for blending acrylics that leaves incredible results. Each mix is carefully crafted to a fine, delicate blend in one of 108 stunning colors as part of the Ombré collection.

Examples of DCH Acrylic System:

Our Verdict
We put this these powders through rigorous testing with our nail technicians and these powders definitely live up to their name. The blend is incredibly fine and therefore makes it extremely easy to apply versus other leading brand acrylic powders.

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