All the Nail Art Application Techniques You Need to Know

Love a gel polish finish, but want that little bit extra? Nail art is the innovative way to spice up the look of your nails and add a funky, fabulous flair!

From stickers to painted patterns, embellishment to stamping, there are numerous ways to decorate your nails and have a set that no one else will have. You will need patience and determination but, trust us, it will definitely be worth it!

Nail Art Application Methods

Painted Patterns

If you are bursting with creativity, then create your own patterns using a variety of brushes that have been designed for detail. You can paint the finest lines, whether you want waves, hatching or minimalist tips, or you can be more abstract with dots and angles, the nail is your canvas.

Pen Your Piece

Instead of using brushes, Sharpie pens actually make beautiful watercolour-like designs. All you have to do is paint your nails your desired shade, including a top coat, and, once dry, draw patches of colours on top. Then, dip a small brush into rubbing alcohol and mix these colours together. Let the colours flow into each other and produce a colourful pattern.

Magnificent Marble

Water marble nails are a huge trend that is used a lot in salons nowadays. All you need is a bowl of water and different nail colour polishes and you’re good to go! Construct a unique pattern by dropping the nail polish into the water; swirl it together and create a marbled design. Then, plunge your blank nail in and pull it out to reveal the transfer. Voila!

Splatter Attack

Another abstract option like the Sharpies and Marble techniques is splattering. Yes, it sounds messy but it’s a lot of fun and worth it! If you fancy an edgy, graffiti look this time round, then opt for splattering and mixing some vibrant colours together. Use a fan brush or even an old toothbrush, dip into your desired colours and flick them onto your nails.

Sponge Bobbing

Thinking about what other household items you could use to your nail advantage? Sponge bobbing is a great way to combine your favourite shades in a stylish design. Blend together different tones of the same colour to create the perfect gradient and leave your nails with a uniquely sprinkled finish. Apply and dab the colours until you achieve your desired result.

Tailoring with Tape

Generate clean, sharp lines for your nail design by using tape. Paint your nails with a base colour, let this dry, then get creative! Albeit a bit fiddly, the finish will be extremely neat and very professional. Once you have placed the tape on top of your dry nails in the pattern you want, paint over this in another shade. Gently remove the tape once this has dried and there you have it!

Simple Stencils

Instead of creating your own tape designs, you could always opt for a stencil instead. This essentially works in the same way as the technique above, however you apply a stencil in place of the tape. This could be a design of anything you desire, as long as you make sure it is stuck down tightly, with no air gaps, you will reveal a clean image after the second coat. You can also use airbrushing tools to apply the second coat!

Straightforward Stamping

You will need stamping plates with your chosen design/s, a stamper and a scraper, and obviously nail polish. Once you have painted your nails with a base colour and let it dry, you can begin stamping. Paint over your chosen design with nail polish, using your scraper to make sure there isn’t too much and it is spread evenly. Quickly apply your stamper to pick up the design and then transfer this onto your nail – Simple! Apply top coat once dry.

Stickers & Embellishment

Stickers and embellishment are probably the easiest nail art application techniques out of all of these. There is so much variety when it comes to picking which stickers you can decorate your nails with!

At Hollywood Nails Supply, we have a wide range of stickers and diamantes in our nail art section for you to choose from. These are to be applied after a top coat and should be immediately set into place, lasting just as long as your nail polish. Have a look at our collection and pick the perfect finishing touch for your set today!