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VOESH Velvet Luxe Vegan Body & Hand creme (3oz) CBD Calm


Hemp, hemp, hooray! Soften every bit of your body with our vegan and organic lotion that leaves skin feeling unbelievably soft and supple.Need a me-time moment? Get instant relaxation with our Velvet Luxe Crème Hemp Relax vegan hand and body créme. Infused with hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil, organic virgin olive oil and avocado oil, breathe in an intoxicating sense of calm as you transform skin from dry to supple and velvety soft. Perfect for after the shower or on-the-go, meet your self-care luxury suitable for everyday use.

Perfect For:

  • Morning & Night Routine
  • Max Relaxation
  • Me-Time Moments

Achieve firm contours and resilient, velvety skin with VOESH Hemp Relax Hand & Body Créme.

Our simply skinsational luxury hemp oil lotion is made from non-toxic, ethically sourced skin care ingredients using green chemistry. When you choose VOESH hand and body creams, you can be sure you’re only putting plant-derived, good-for-you formulas on your skin. We believe strongly in the importance of self-care, so we’re on a mission to make it simple, enjoyable, hygienic and nothing short of extraordinary.

Hemp Oil Lotion Benefits

Rich in nutrients, fatty acids and essential vitamins, hemp oil is derived from cold-pressed hemp seeds and is incredibly effective in hydrating sensitive skin and calming irritation. Often combined with other emollients, hemp lotion benefits the skin by being nutrient-packed and highly penetrative.

Curious about how hemp oil lotion works? Hemp oil is highly penetrative, and when used in a cream with other natural skin conditioners, it helps calm irritation and balances the skin’s moisture level.

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