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Introductory Pedicure Kit by OPI


The OPI Pedicure Introductory Kit gives you a pampering pedicure experience in the relaxation of your own home with 6 superb salon-style products! This super soothing kit comes with the following. OPI Pedicure Purifying Foot Soak, OPI Pedicure Soften Callus Softening Foot Cream, OPI Pedicure Exfoliating Foot Scrub, OPI Pedicure Hydrating Foot Clay Mask, OPI Massage Foot Lotion and the OPI Pedicure Smooth Skin Smoother!


This kit includes:

  • OPI Mask
  • OPI Soak
  • OPI Soften
  • OPI Massage
  • OPI Scrub
  • OPI Smooth
  • OPI Pedicure Caddy
  • OPI Waterproof Apron
  • DVD By OPI
  • Instruction Book
  • Table Top Instruction

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